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Welcome to Hola4

Hola4 is an Event Solutions Company, that focuses on Technical and Infrastructure solutions that compliment the design and flow of an event.

One of the key elements that sets us apart from other events companies, is the fact that we have over 8 years of Technical and Event Infrastructure experience, which is essential to ensure the success of an event. We do not own any technical equipment or event infrastructure, so there is no bias or fondness towards a specific brand or technical solution. In return this makes it possible for us to offer our clients an honest solution best suited for the specific event.

Hola4 has an active working relationship with various suppliers and technical individuals, which makes it possible for us to provide you, the client, with an affordable and market related costing.

We remember, where we come from and therefore we take pride in all projects big or small!

Hola 4, Managing your Event in style!

Hola4 is the official South African distributor of ShowMagic™

ShowMagic offers an integrated software solution for the storage, playback and control of audio, video and digital signage, as well as full control of lighting and external AV devices.